I like to keep all of my to-do lists, random thoughts, and brilliant ideas in a notebook that I carry with me everywhere.  However, I get flustered when different topics and time frames are all mixed in together, and as my lists get longer, I feel like I need to add pages.  So, I started looking for a binder where I could add and remove pages wherever I needed.  I searched Etsy for a binder, and I found something even better!  See, the problem with a binder is that I can’t fold the cover back on itself.  But, with these ring-bound journals, I can fold the cover back, and add pages, and move pages around to suit my whims.  And, they are super cute!  I narrowed it down to these four, and weighed the pros and cons…
This one (from lauralou) is just insane (I don’t see Bo Diddley as a beach party kind of guy) and so much fun!  However, it definitely don’t fit in my purse.

Bo Diddley's Beach Party?

This one (from BlueBeeDesigns) is cute and quirky, but I think it would get destroyed with the way I’m constantly shoving it in my bag and such.

Binder Bingo

This one (from CrownBindery) has a great motivational message, and a durable cover, and isn’t too bulky.


But ultimately I went with this one from Cluttershop.  It’s got a great cover made from a recycled book, and comes with a pocket.  It seems fairly sturdy, and the cover is hard so I can lean on it to write, which is a big deal for a lefty.  I can’t wait for it to get here!

The Festive Winner!

The Festive Winner!