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1000 Markets

March 24th, 2009

1000 Markets

1000 Markets

We recently set up a shop on 1000 Markets. It’s a new community for sellers of handmade goods. It’s a lot like Etsy, with slightly different features. They haven’t had their official launch yet, but they say it’s coming in April or May. We’ll keep you posted!

The biggest difference from Etsy is the “Markets.” Each market is a curated group of vendors who sell similar products, and instead of shopping by vendor, you can shop by market. We are currently listed in the following markets:

Papercraft - all products made of paper

Garden State Artisans - all vendors in the great state of New Jersey

Grand Arcade - all types of products

The Garden State Artisans market featured our Branches note card on their blog today, and Papercraft has us listed as featured shop (not sure how long that lasts).

We invite you to check it out, and see all of the great stuff people are making!

Welcome to AnaStella

March 24th, 2009

Welcome to the blog for AnaStella.  Please stay tuned for upcoming events and new designs.  You can also subscribe to our RSS feed at the right.  You can see samples of our work at the following places:

Our website: www.AnaStella.com

Our Etsy shop: www.AnaStella.etsy.com

Our 1000 Markets shop: www.AnaStella.1000Markets.com

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with custom requests and pricing.  Email us at info at AnaStella dot com.